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Bundoran Belgians


Historic, beautiful, and prestigious Albemarle County, Virginia. A magnificent purebred livestock farm in a secluded mountain valley with miles of equine trails and carriage roads. You arrive at our carriage house and enjoy the spectacular views as you learn to drive four-horse teams of magnificent, heavy draft horses with our professional instructors.

Imagine a team put to this beautiful Brewster body break; its upper rear seat is removeble so it then becomes a fancy dress waggonette, as well.


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Professional film and video producers find this valley ideal and have used our carriage collection, our antique horse-drawn farm equipment, and an exquisite kiddy carousel for background shots or feature presentations. Often the media has covered our distinguished guests: Virginia Currents (PBS) has filmed them learning to drive horses and newspapers have headlined our teams at work and play.

How about this! Here's a really special carriage. carouselOur c.1910 Mangells Kiddie Carousels is the only one that we know of in the US.

There are one or maybe two replicas that we have heard of, but this one is the real deal, and beautifully restored.

Bundoran has been home to the Scott family since 1940. It is now owned by Natural Assets - Bundoran. The Scotts are not leaving as their beautiful...leading edge...preservation development project builds out; we'll stay right here. Fifty years of breeding Polled Hereford cattle and the last decade spent with Belgian draft horses have honed our family's taste for the fine things in life: the quiet peace of a horseback ride on the trail through massive hardwoods; the clop, clop of a big team slowly coming home; or the beauty and the lowing of a well bred herd of beef cows grazing with their calves. These things won't change. You will love it, too, whether you come to visit, to work, to enjoy the bluebirds, or to learn how to drive a big team. We are here to help. (NOTE: as of 2014...It's been great fun, but we are no longer teaching driving. We'll leave the links up as they may be useful to some visitors).

Please click the email below to inquire. If you are looking for the Ballyshannon Fund, just click this link.

For years, t
his farm was the home of the Albemarle County Fair, and we are really proud of that wonderful family event which is run entirely by our volunteer neighbors.

This website also maintains links to our nextdoor neighbors' Apple Cider Works plus other links to horse and cattle sites, plus places to spend the night, and cultural events around here.

We hope that you enjoy the comments, here on this website, of our previous guests and students. If you would like to offer your own observations and experiences, we encourage you to send them to us. We'd love to hear from you.

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