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Dick Sparrow reinvented the FORTY-HORSE! hitch and took it on the road around the United States..

The Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company hired him for this project, and now, every year he and his son Paul, shown here with forty horses in his hands, rebuild that hitch for the Milwaukee Circus Parade, so what else needs to be said?

Simply, he's one of the best draft horse teamsters in the country: our friend, fellow instructor, and teacher.

(The hair bun belongs to Brittany Amiss. Yes, she has driven the 40 horse hitch and so has her sister, Laurel Amiss Conneely.)

As driving schhols fill up, we add wonderful driving instructors like Dick Sparrow. Pam Umberger, from Wytheville, Lynn Tuckwiller from Raphine, and Roscoe Goode from Richmond are regulars on our faculty, as well.

Occasionally, Dick brings along great teamsters like Jimmy Klein, who heeps us all laughing; and he's one of the best teamsters in the country, too!

It's not likely that any of us will ever be as good as Dick Sparrow, but all whom he has taught will always appreciate his willingness to share what he knows. Many thanks, Dick, and with hugs and love to Joy!

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