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On a soft foggy morning in southern Albemarle, the carriage house at Bundoran awaits your pleasure.

The horse teams live in the paddocks adjacent to this working barn where grooming and hoof care is part of the daily routine.
The carriages rest inside.

The large vehicles for the big teams include several waggonettes, an opera bus, and a huge keg wagon loaded with varnished wooden barrels. Several sporting carts make nice vehicles for a flashy presentation of a single horse.

From Europe came a van from the Isle of Jersey and from Normandy a French charette.

Few experiences are more moving than driving a team away from this beautiful site, or - for that matter - back here for a party on the inside. The carriage barn is kind of like us: "We clean up well!"


Inside this simple but elegant barn is a high ceiling space and room to maneuver the heavy wagons. The carriage house was designed by our university classmate and architect Charles Matheson who understands the operations of multiple-horse teams operations.

He drives his own team of four rare Cleveland Bays in The Plains, VA, and the Queen's Cleveland Bays when he goes to Windsor Castle.

We don't even try to operate at that level; we just try to be neat and clean.
But we sure do appreciate their carriage turnouts, because we know what it takes to pull it off.

If you'd like to have a party in this barn - as Greg and Jennifer Love did - please contact one of our Event Managers.

We drive horse teams and walk ourselves to enjoy the magnificent landscapes as we travel through the open pastures, then up into the sloping orchards, through the heavy mature forests checking on our timber stand improvement practices, along our mountain trails or down through the valley we live in. Please follow these links to continue your tour of our farm.

We can set it up for you.
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