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Public and Non-Profit Projects

A national project that I am immensely pleased to have been a part of:
The Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia presents the
National Discussion and Debate Series
Produced for us by McNeil/Lehrer Productions, and held in various cities, the series is our effort to discuss in detail and in a civil way the complex issues of our time. No winners, no losers, no personal attacks, and no debaters' blood on the floor... you'll see knowledgable, intelligent debaters presenting their views.

IRAQ, from Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda at UVA
PRIVACY, from the Red Cross DC Headquarter's Tiffany Room
RELIGION, from Richmond's Jefferson Hotel
HEALTH CARE, from Boston's Fanueil Hall
IMMIGRATION, from the New York Public Library

INFRASTRUCTURE, from the National Governors' Conference
IRAN, from the Mellon Auditorium
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, from the Library of Congress
ENERGY, from the Newcomb Hall at UVA

EDUCATION and the ECONOMY - National Press Club
END OF LIFE CARE - National Press Club
COST of HIGHER EDUCATION - National Press Club
INTERNET and DEMOCRACY - National Press Club

For the fourth season, the Miller Center partnered with ABC NEWS "This Week" to consider:
There is Too Much Government in My Life
The National Economic Recovery. Built to Last?
Is the U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy?
Do Presidential Debates Change Elections?

The Miller Center offers non-partisan expert advice and opinion in many subject areas of history.

and... Free events that you can attend in-person or on-line


The Sorensen Institute of Political Leadership
at the University of Virginia.
Non-partisan to the core, our emphasis is on on CIVILITY and VIGOROUS DEBATE on issues of governence and political philosophy...never on personalities.
We Get Results.

See also "Across The Aisle" on YouTube
a PBS documentary about Sorensen.
produced by Paul Roberts at the
Community Idea Stations of Virginia


... are a truly special privilege for those of us who fly these missions.
Here's one story: An austistic patient traveling alone - From Ohio to DC
And another: Katrina - Morgan and Matthew


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