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Only in Virginia, and only in Albemarle County, does one find gently rolling, well-watered pastures like these that descend fron the forested hillsides and mountain tops. Acres of apple orchards cover the steeper well-drained slopes. These locations reduce the risk of frost because the trees are laid out so that cool air will drain from the forests through the orchards and down to the valleys and lakes.

Our horse teams drive these pastures - sometimes with our driving school students and sometimes with our guests - then down the comfortable paved country roads through the valleys - in the fall with spectacular autumn colors. You can join us to enjoy our views.

Perhaps you would enjoy having us hitch up a horse team for you as a part of a private reception for your friends at your place or at our carriage house, or driving to a picnic on a grassy pasture hillside like this one?

Contact our event managers to set it up; we'd love to be a part of your next big reception.

If you need a beautiful location, we can offer you one of the best.
Contact Us.