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JUNE 2001

Jennifer Morris and Greg Love chose our carriage house for a lovely brunch for their out-of-town guests the day following their wedding in Charlottesville.

We we honored to be part of their celebration, and happy, as always, to work with Kathy Pond of "Behind the Scenes" who set it all up for these Californians who live in DC.

Normally, our horse teams live in the paddocks adjacent to this working barn where grooming and hoof care is part of the daily routine with the carriages resting inside.

But today was a special day, so we rolled out the carriages, turned them into serving tables, and welcomed Jen's and Greg's guests. Cocktails were served on the Jersey van as they arrived, with food and flowers on the tailgate of the Brewster waggonette and other carriages.

A fabulous bluegrass band played acoustic music from the top of the tack room, and the guests seated themselves in the barn or under the shade of three hundred year old white oak trees.

Hanging from the high ceilings of this elegant carriage house is an antique stable lantern and flags from places we have been. It is perfectly clean and safe.




If you'd like to have as much fun in this barn as the Love family did, please contact one of our Event Managers,

We thank Will Kerner Photography for these beautiful images; his portfolio is worth a look, we think.

We are fairly certain that Jen, Greg, and their families and friends enjoyed themselves. But we are absolutely sure of one thing:

The next time the come back, they will return as friends.

We were honored to get to know them and we hope they come back often.
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