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Autumn in the Bundoran forest, with the trees in full color, makes for exceptional walks. It's a joy to inspect this forest and to plan for its growth and sustainability. We maintain a long term forest stewardship plan in consultation with our professional consulting foresters, who are helping us with timber stand improvement practices.

Along with 60,000 other private forest owners, we are long-time members of the American Tree Farm System, the oldest certifier of sustainable forests in the United States, and we are interested in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program that continues to evolve here in Virginia. That initiative encourages - and we try to follow - forest management practices that are economically and environmentally responsible and that maintain and improve long-term forest health and productivity.

Together,we prioritize our management goals so that long term healthy forest growth comes first, followed by - in order - natural resource protection, aesthetic considerations, and then income. Not everyone would agree as to whether that's smart, but we think it's a wise use of forest resources.
There is a lot to learn about forest and wild game management, and lots of places to learn it. A great place to start is the Forest Landowners' Update.

If you would like to know more about forest management and conservation matters, please check out the other reference links we maintain.

As we ride these hillsides on horseback ... most recently studying some Timber Stand Improvement work we have been undertaking. ... and taking an occasional break at a gazebo tucked near an old growth mountain laurel - and looking out over the orchards sloping from the timbered mountaintops, across hundreds of acres of rolling pasture to the valleys below, we are most appreciative of the life we lead!.

Come learn to drive big teams of horses with us; you will enjoy it, too.

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