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This valley is for real; it's where we live, in the very old house built by the Edge family in the early 1800's. Our spring landscapes are full of redbud trees, the flowering dogwood, and our daffodils all seem to show off at the same time in the springtime.

We love to walk or ride the trails from the floor of this valleythrough the orchards, particularly when they are in spring bloom, and into the cool of the heavy hardwood forests in the heat of the Virginia summer.

But when the forests turn gold, red, and orange in the autumn, it's spectacular as well.

There may be better places, but we have been all over the world and have seen some wonderful spots, but there really is no place like home, when home is in historic and beautiful Virginia.

Dogwood in bloom

We drive horses with our students in our driving school, offer elegant horse-drawn carriages, horse-drawn heavy goods vehicles, horse-drawn agricultural equipment, and small children's carousels to event managers for parties, movies, or still props. Once a year in the fall, we host the Albemarle County Fair here..

If you need a beautiful location, we can offer you one of the best. Contact Us.