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Taking a break on a trail ride

Just imagine twenty plus miles of trails through open pastures, across wooded hillsides, down well-watered valleys, and rising through productive apple orchards. On foot it's a pleasant walk. On horseback, a trot or a long canter, and sometimes it's best just to stop for a while and talk.

Our gazebos appear just about the time they are needed; they rest on wooded sites adjacent to old growth mountain laurel, which can be just as spectacular as dogwood in spring bloom. A few are sited at the forest edge, looking across majestic landscapes or down and across the valleys and pastures we tend. In the autumn with the trees in full color, it can be spectacular.

All gazebos are accessible by foot or horseback, but there are several which are sited in spectacular locations so our horse teams can take you there. Or...maybe you'd just like us to hitch up a team for you as a part of a private reception for your friends at our carriage house, or to go driving to a picnic on a hillside? Contact our event managers to set it up; we'd love to be a part of your next big reception.

If you need a beautiful location, we can offer you one of the best. Contact Us.