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Husband and wife, and owners of "Zeke," a Friesian draft horse that already knows how to drive, Ann is a professor of biochemistry at the University of Virginia Medical School, while Ray heads the UVa. Biology Department. Ann is the dedicated horsewoman, and highly skilled.

Like his fellow UVa. department head, Tom Skalak, Ray Keller came along as a loyal husband, and reports: "Great class! I learned most from the challenging exercises on backing and turning. Making mistakes, having Fred or the other instructors - or the horses - let me know, correcting, and so on was most useful. I liked the way Fred and Pam, in particular, pushed us into non-dangerous predicaments, and then taught us the way to avoid or get out of them on our own."

Ann agrees, and adds, in her critique of the class: "The best way to improve this clinic would be to make it longer. I learned an enormous amount. All of the instructors were so helpful - they were exacting and encouraging, and so full of information and enthusiasm. This has been a life-changing experience. I don't think I'll have driving out of my life now! Thanks!
The July 2001 class ended up doing photography and playing dress-up with our elegant coaching vehicles, so we could use their pictures on this website.

Shown here, Ann is properly dressed (sure!) for driving school. She and Hilary Day were models in the photo shoot. Rebecca Terrill and Steve Kuhlman helped with the harnessing.

She says: " I'm really looking forward to continuing my education by doing more driving on my own."

Ray adds: "My favorite discovery -- that a horse can be a precision instrument if properly driven. It was a pleasure seeing our instructors Fred Scott, Lynn Tuckwiller, and Pam Umberger put their teams through their paces"

Ann thinks we might offer sessions focused perhaps on only one skill, such as driving unicorns and four-in-hands. What do you think? Let us know; if there is enough interest, we could easily do that.

Questions? Ask Ann Sutherland or Ray Keller about the Bundoran Driving school.

Our quiet gentle giants will help us teach you how to drive, and you will never be the same again.

You can drive a big team, too.
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