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LYNN Tuckwiller

"One of our outstanding students; now she helps teach the class!" Fred Scott

The daughter of two veterinarians, Lynn has always been involved with horses. She has bred and raised Thoroughbreds, Morgans and Crossbreds. She has also owned and driven Percherons and Belgians. In past years, Lynn rode hunter and jumpers and was an avid fox hunter. She now especially enjoys trail riding as well as being a passionate carriage driver.

Asked about her experience at the Bundoran Belgians school, Lynn recalled: "One could not ask for a better setup for learning carriage driving -- beautiful scenery, well trained horses, wonderful vehicles......and.........instructors who are willing and patient, sincerely caring about each student. The time in these clinics is all well spent and the learning opportunities are endless, tailored to the individual's interest and ability level."

Having driven for over twenty-five years, Lynn does driving clinics and teaches private lessons as well. She has been a founding member of three driving clubs, including one in Montana where she lived for seven years. While in Montana she owned a horse ranch and a carriage service which served Billings and the surrounding area. She also worked on several movies and television programs with her horses.

Collecting carriages and turning out well are Lynn's special interest. She has quite a collection of Victorian clothing and equine-related attire. She was the curator of carriages at Maymont Foundation in Richmond and has been active in the Carriage Association of America for many years. Lynn has also done some restoration and likes to do the hands-on part of driving as well as teaching. Her daughter also pitches in with the horses when she is home from college.

Lynn Tuckwiller is one of our star students; like Pam Umberger, she occasionally helps teach at our schools, and imports Canadien Horses, like this handsome lad, her Canadien Stallion Doc. He is DuCoteau LaLou Doc, eight years old in 2003. Lynn says; "He rides, drives and sires great foals. He is a joy to be around. I used him under saddle when I was the "Headless Horseman" at Colonial Williamsburg around flames from open fires, railroad trains and the whole nine yards. Nothing bothers him." Call her in Lewisburg WV at 304-645-2622, or send her an e-mail. We know that she will be happy to show Doc and the rest of them to you.

Lynn has a Master's Degree in counselor education and has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University and at John Tyler Community College. She has also been a child and adolescent psychotherapist and still does part-time counseling at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center. She studied equine management as an undergraduate at Sullins College and rode at Mary Baldwin College.


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