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"I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling experience" Rebecca Terrill

Rebecca Terrill wants to farm with horses. It's been her dream the whole time she was serving our country as a United States Marine. Now she runs a bonding business and is just beginning to learn about work horse teams.

She attended our July 2001 school, and reports: "I can't thank you enough for being so thoughtful. I left Bundoran Farm feeling as if I had really accomplished something important, and I still feel that way. The confidence I gained made me all the more positive that working with a team of my own is the right plan for me and the farm.

Of course I know that I have a long way to go, both in gaining experience and finding the right team, and equipment, but I am now sure that I am headed in the right direction."

After the school ended, Rebecca helped Ann Sutherland and Hilary Day who were models in a photo shoot of our elegant carriages.

After that,
Hilary, Rebecca and Fred hitched a team to a sicklebar horse mower, which is part of our horse-drawn agricultural collection and the ladies tried mowing a pasture. Fred, too. None of us mowed very straight, but it was fun!

We ask all our students to offer suggestions and critiques of our clinics, so Rebecca went to a lot of trouble to offer a very helpful critique:

"The school was wonderful and had a relaxed atmosphere, with concerned and friendly instructors. The animals and equipment were all top notch. The question and comment sessions were hard but informative! It was a really great experience"

She "personally needed more harnessing time; there was plenty, but I could still have used more"

And while we do try to teach to a standard, Rebecca notes that "All three instructors approached the students in a different style, but always reinforced the same information. Never did one contradict the other. That is rare in a multiple instructor setting. I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling experience. The atmosphere was almost vacation-like, however the amount of information was vast. I am leaving here knowing so much - and more importantly - knowing that I have lots more to learn. Yet I feel that each of the instructors will always make time to help me progress in the future as a novice teamster."

"I really don't have the words for how much this school has taught me. My confidence level has both soared and fallen, but now I know that I can accomplish what I want so much: to farm with horses"

We know that Rebecca will achieve her goals. She has a naturally curious mind, will read, study, and ask.

Sshe came back for the October 2001 class! On arrival, she reported that she now has a quiet team of elderly horses; a great choice, as we know these horses, and they will help her continue to learn.

Rebecca's interests make us wonder if we should offer a class solely on horse-drawn farm equipment. What do you think? Let us know; if there is enough interest, we could easily do that.

Questions? Ask Rebecca Terrill about the Bundoran Driving school.

Our quiet gentle giants will help us teach you how to drive, and yo
u will never be the same again.

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