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Tom and Susan Skalak are both professors of engineering at the University of Virginia, and Tom heads the new Biomedical Engineering Department. Like his fellow department head, Ray Keller, he came to our school as a loyal husband, not really being a horseman. He is now!

Tom and Susan Skalak are both new parents to their son, Scott, who arrived in mid April 2001. Good luck to all three of them!

Susan is writing a book on mechanical engineering processes, while Tom is working on exciting marriages of biomedical and engineering technologies.

Susan writes: "I have been riding horses for over thirty years, but have never driven. The driving course at Bundoran Farm taught me the skills I needed to start me on my way to becoming a competent driver as well as rider."

The Skalaks have an advantage; their Suffolk Punch mare Jill, shown above, is fully broke and quite willing to help train them. A beautiful, quiet horse, she has just presented the Skalaks with a colt, which has somehow been named Jack!

Jack and Jill ! Oh, well, that sounds about right for a team, don't you think?

Susan continues: "Although many of the skills of riding are similar to driving, such as posture and interaction with the horse, many of the skills are different, such as holding the reins and turning. It was helpful to drive several different horses and teams. The team training was especially helpful, as turning a team is quite different from turning a single horse. I would highly recommend the class to anyone interested. It is a fun activity in a beautiful setting, and gives you a chance to meet interesting people."

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