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"My whole life was changed by the school!" says Pam, a full-time professional horse trainer.

"Previously, I had driven, shown, and taught driving with singles extensively, and also had driven pairs for a few years. At your eight-day school, which started at the Kisamore farm, I had the opportunity to get experience driving tandem, unicorn, three-abreast, four-in-hand, and the six-up hitch. My whole life was changed by the school! You, Dick Sparrow, and the other instructors patiently taught me to hitch various configurations of horses, sat beside me to guide me through techniques for driving each hitch, and encouraged me to expand my skills. Your confidence in me built my confidence in my ability to drive more horses.

"Poor is the student who does not exceed the master"... Leonardo daVinci

"As a result of taking the school, I now teach - along with Lynn Tuckwiller, another of your graduates - clinics which include tandem, unicorn, three-abreast, and four-in-hand driving. I have also done exhibitions with these hitches plus a randem (three single horses in line) demonstration.

"The school gave me the chance to get hands-on instruction in areas I had never thought possible and opened to me a whole new world of driving. I'm grateful."

Pam Umberger is one of our stars; she helps us teach at our schools, and also offers training at Copper Crest Farm in southwest Virginia. Call her at 276-228-5817.

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