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"What do a fat bird sculpture by Botero, a Pitcairn plane formally owned by actor Steve McQueen, and a steam powered popcorn wagon have in common? They are all one of a kind pieces in the Joseph A. Hardy art collection and are on display at his palatial Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa in Farmington, PA. The last item, a restored popcorn wagon, was manufactured by C. Cretors and Company circa 1908. In the early twentieth century these working wagons could be purchased for just over eight hundred dollars. However, in 2003 to get the wagon in working condition again Hardy spent over forty thousand dollars. This is the only known model to still be operational. Through the use of steam power and propane, the wagon can pop corn and roast peanuts as it did nearly one hundred years ago."

The preceding comments are from Sheryl Jordan, Equestrian manager of Nemacolin. Our Driving School instruction occasionally takes place away from home. She was aware of our crew training for the Mountain Lake Hotel so we went up to Nemacolin in 2003 to work with their teamsters and horses. Following that, we had a request to find two black teams for the resort. One quiet Percheron team came from our friend Ray Kisamore's place west of Staunton VA, and the other from Roscoe Goode. I was astonished when he said he'd part with Jeff and David, but we both know they will live in style at Nemacolin Woodlands!

We appreciate the more-recent comments from the 2008 Nemacolin crew who came to Bundoran to retrain, too. Those were three days of hard work and great fun!

Ms. Jordan continues: "The wagon, restored by Elam Fisher and decorated by Kathy Peace, made its premier at the 84 Lumber Classic golf tournament in September 2003 and made periodic appearances throughout the week. Although Hurricane Isabel delivered an onslaught of rain and high winds, the equestrian center staff managed to drive it around for the spectators to enjoy. The black Percheron team was used as the engine to pull this vehicle around the Laurel Highlands.

"Despite their tremendous size and power, the team was extremely calm and willing to work. These are important traits considering that many golf spectators spent time feeding the horses their freshly purchased peanuts and stroking their manes. The spectators seemed more impressed with the horses than the vintage wagon.

"Some of the common questions were: How big are they? What does eighteen hands mean? How much do they weigh? Is that a ton? How much do they eat? Is that pounds?

"Even though the storms and extreme traffic (both vehicular and spectator) were high, it went off without a "hitch." The entire experience was made successful by the well trained staff and horses...overseen by Fred Scott. I'm sending you my heartfelt gratitude for finding us such wonderful teams of Percherons. Thank you, Fred, for being part of the success! We could not have done it without you!"

Nemacolin is high in the Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania. The hotel has been open for years and is a delightful place to visit. Cool in the summer, with miles of walking trails, it's perfect for a honeymoon, quiet vacation or just for a Spa treatment. We love it there. For reservations, give them a call: 800.422.2736 or visit their home page at Nemacolin Resort.

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