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"one of the most enjoyable events of my memory"

Roscoe is an auditor for the Commonwealth of Virginia Health Department. He travels around Virginia making certain that our tax money is spent as the legislature instructed. He knows a ton about horses and mules. He has always loved mules, and seems to have a special way with them. His huge black Percherons, Jeff and David, have been used at our schools as well. They are real beauties, and they know how to plow. So does Roscoe!

Roscoe has helped us in several public appearances and he attended one of the first driving schools, and notes:

"I have been working teams of horses and mules most of my life, so when I signed as a student in Fred Scott's Sparrow school, I was not sure what to expect, but later, as I think about the experience at the driving school at Bundoran Farm, I remember that the school started as a class but developed into an event that remains one of the most enjoyable of my memory.

Shown here, Roscoe's Percherons Jeff & David are preparing to back out of the wagon barn under the guidance of Dr. Ann Dunnington of Virginia Tech.

Roscoe continues "It was a great class for starting off driving horses on the right foot. The experienced instructors all allowed the students to make mistakes - without hurting any person or horse - and that ended up developing the confidence of the less experienced drivers.

"It was nice to see that not all the old-timer teamsters are gone; some are still around, they are keeping the knowledge alive, and they participated in the driving school at Bundoran Farm. I loved it."

Roscoe was a also big help as we built the American Work Horse Museum in Lexington, VA. He has a great knowledge of work horse equipment and its use.

In the fall of 2003, Roscoe sold these beautiful horses to the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa, where we also offer driving instruction. They will live a good and well-cared for life there.

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