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Laura Bonner driving at home

"I had such a great time at your clinic!" Jan Bonner

Jan Bonner and her daughter Laura attended our Driving School in 2000 as a mother/daughter team. It was such a delight to have them; they were a great addition to the class.

Jan writes: "I have driven horses for years, but had never had any formal training. It was great to have several instructors [Lynn Tuckwiller and Pam Umberger helped us teach at that school] there to help with everything from light horses to drafts, and singles to multiple hitches. I left with much more confidence in my abilities, and a real desire to learn more. Thanks, Fred!"

Later that year, our crewmember Brittany Amiss asked if we would bring a team to her school so she could demonstrate her class project: horse teams. We would, and did, but we had forgotten that Laura went to the same school.

What a treat for us when Laura ran up with sparkles in her eyes, and she and Brittany went for a drvie with their classmates. We just sat on the steps and enjoyed watching these bright-eyed and polite young people.

Jan and her daughter Laura are currently driving 2 Fjords, and are starting 3 youngsters in spring 2001 as well. Laura isn't driving much, as school is taking lots more time this year. She wants to do really well, and works very hard on schoolwork. They drive only at home right now, but are looking for other areas as well.

Their best driving mare is leaving in a week to get bred, and then going to Equitana (June 16-21) for the Fjord horse promo booth and exhibition, but she should be home after that. Their primary vehicle is a Bellcrown 2-wheel cart, but they also have a Bird-In-Hand wagonette but rarely use it except for shows.

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