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"A delightful experience"

Dr. E. A. Dunnington is a professor of Animal Science at one of the great land-grant colleges in the United States. She is a trained as geneticist and has worked with poultry much of her career, but among other responsibilities at the University, she is responsible for overseeing the equitation classes which are taught at Campbell Arena on campus.

Ann says: "I attended the first Dick Sparrow driving school hosted by the Kisamore family [Lazy K Farms] and Fred Scott. This was a delightful experience for me. I had not previously worked with large hitch horses and thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with the horses and with a varied array of draft horse enthusiasts (students and instructors).

Here, she and Pam Umberger are driving our unicorn hitch at Animal Industry Day 2000 at Virginia Tech.

In July 2002, Ann returned to Bundoran with her husband, Dr. Bob James - a distinquished professor of Dairy Science at Virginia Tech - to spend a private lesson day with us ... driving their horse Levi on one of his early expeditions away from home, and enjoying our teams as well.

Levi did really well. He got lots of new experience looking at farm machinery, trucks and cars on the state road out front, and walking around our lake. All new experiences; we think Ann was wise to take him out with other teamsters to have plenty of help if she needed it.

Not that she did, but "Safety First" is always a good idea.
Bob James, shown here, was just great with his first time at the lines with a pair. He was a natural with the team, just really quick to understand the principles involved, and after an hour or so, was driving with real comfort.

He comments: "Ann and I had a great time at Bundoran. My exposure to driving thus far had been a clinic at Pam Umberger's and more ground work with our light horses. I certainly enjoyed working with your boys and your professional instruction. You certainly packed quite a bit into our session on Tuesday morning.

One of the real benefits of private lessons is the intense amount of instruction and driving that we can get into the day.... and it pays off. For us, it was great fun, and we are pleased thet Bob is now a committed teamster too!

Dr. Dunnington has responsibilities in the equine science program at Virginia Tech. She is the faculty coordinator for the breeding horses (warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and Arabians) maintained as a teaching and research herd in the Animal and Poultry Sciences Department. In addition, she teaches equine science classes.

Commenting on the Driving School, she continues: "Because each student was able to progress at his or her own speed and to choose particular hitches to drive, we all benefited greatly from the experience. The camaraderie which developed during the eight-day school was wonderful."

Dr. E. A. Dunnington, Professor
2200 Litton Reaves Hall
Department of Animal & Poultry Sciences
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061-0306
Phone: 540-231-9179

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