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John Faulconer, who is an old friend from the Polled Hereford cattle industry, just happened to be visiting Bundoran as we were restoring the commercial hardware delivery van. Johnny, his wife Dana, and their children own Faulconer Hardware in Orange, VA. John's a smart man, and it took only a brief moment of thought before he hired the Bundoran Belgians to promote his hardware store in his small town parade. Guess who won first prize? The Faulconer family!

The image above shows Don Hurtekant of Gentle Giants Farm driving a Lazy K Farms team, which Ray Kisamore was kind enough to bring over at the end of a school session. The students and teachers all played together the next day and the Charlottesville Youth Orchestra played Mozart under a tent in our practice field. They were raising money for a trip to Vienna, and the Virginia Draft Horse & Mule Association members showed up with thirty two horses in harness! The public came and we raised over $5,000. What a great team of people!

John Faulconer, Jr., who manages the store with his sister Conway, notes: "After the first parade appearance of the horses and delivery wagon, we really were very positively surprised by our customers' reactions. Many came to our hardware store over the weeks following our first parade to say how much they had enjoyed the Faulconer Hardware delivery wagon. One year we could not enter the Orange parade and customers came in to say they missed it."

Ask John how we help promote Faulconer Hardware:

No question these teams can make an impression on your customers. Quiet, safe and friendly, both our horses, and our professional teamsters and our farm crew really like people, and it shows.

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