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A quiet man from Houston called in 2003 and asked to come to class. He arrived by airline, and we immediately knew he was a rock solid Texan, the kind of person whose word is his bond. Tony Banfield spent four days with us in the summer class of 2003 and asked about the 3/4 Belgian team - Cash & Carry - that we were driving on the last day.

I told him I had made a big mistake by pricing them to a hotel, but thankfully that outfit had changed its mind the previous day, while our class was in session. Tony asked if I'd sell them to him for the same price, and I said "Sure, but that's the second mistake I have made in two days". He said "Done!" and wrote a check on the spot.

I could not feel better about the home they are going to.

Tony has a ranch in Colorado - has owned horses all his life - and will use these horses to quail hunt in Texas with this really nice shooting wagon he had built.

Cash & Carry will not only look good, but they will do a great job and be loved and cared for.

So, how to get them home to Houston?

A few months later, Tony's pal Will Naylor - retired fron the business he built - offered to drive up with Tony to pick up the team. It takes a GOOD friend to do that...three days in a truck pulling a trailer... and three more on the way home!

Tony entered the fall class (probably because he thought we didn't teach him right the first time!) and Will joined the class, too.. Both were great additions, with Tony remembering everything we had said before, and Will not missing a trick.

After a day or so of review, these two pals were driving Tony's Carry to our Kentucky Breaking Cart. (We rarely let students drive alone, but Tony was already a graduate, so we made an exception).

Finally, in preparation for the trip home, Tony played with his two fellows, ground driving them and getting used to them.

They are a bit "hotter" than our drafts and are not suitable horses for beginning horsemen, so Tony's careful approach will pay great dividends as he heads home.

After a bit, the three of them settled down, began to understand each other, and went off for a drive, with Fred just sitting in the passenger seat and enjoying himself.

We wish them all well ... and we may have to go to Houston to visit!

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