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"My goals were met... I learned a lot about driving."

Moses is a cover boy! His photograph graced the front cover of the Carriage Journal magazine several years ago. Moses is an American Cream draft horse; he was in use for years at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Jahn loves to drive her several driving horses and to ride the mountain trails in Virginia. She is a software consultant for the banking industry. That's a very important job; she makes our money go where we sent it! If it doesn't, drop her an email. If she can't find any money for you, she will at least tell you about driving with her friends at Bundoran Farm.

Recently, she wrote: "I attended the second driving school, in the spring of 1998. It was both a learning experience, as well as a super vacation. Yes, there was some hard work and lessons to be learned both from the instructors and from the students, too. Some of the students offered up their own experiences and expertise pertaining to horses, driving, and life in general. It was a wonderfully diverse group of people, and some of which I consider good friends, mentors, and driving mates to this day.

"My goals for the course, were to learn the different methods of harnessing & hitches, to drive multiples, especially tandem, and to learn safety for horse, driver and carriage, as well as to make new friends, and expand my horizons.... My goals were met.

"I would recommend the driving school to anyone (horse enthusiast or not) that likes beautiful scenery, wide open spaces, good times, great people, great gentle giants willing to please, some exercise, and a great sense of accomplishment. I have owned and ridden horses, from fox hunters, walking horses, to cutting horses for over 40 years, and drove Welsh mountain ponies as a child, and there is just no greater feeling that getting out with your horses riding or driving. It does the soul good.

"I teach basic riding on occasion, at my farm, and I love to pass along any tips I learn about driving and riding along to anyone that will appreciate or listen, especially children.....I have trained and sold three quarter horses to drive and ride, and am training my new spotted saddle bred for riding and driving now.

"My driving horse, an American Cream named Moses, who Stan Rudacil used to shoe at Colonial Williamsburg, continues to teach me driving and the ins and outs of carriages on country trails, it is an adventure, and he makes me glad I have a very smart and sensible driving horse, because, those carriages can turn over... even when you are careful...

"By trade, over the past 25 years, I have been doing contract work, specializing in electronic payments systems for banks using CHECKFREE computer software. I sell real estate part time through Whitney properties, specializing in farms, subdivisions & estates, as well as, raise hay, sunflowers and black white-faced cattle on my farm."

After visiting Bundoran for her first school, Jahn wrote us a nice note: "The scenery, the Belgians, your house and carriage barn make for beautiful pictures. I feel I learned a lot about driving and harnessing from you, and thank you for making the effort to share your expertise with me. You are a good teacher and a most charming host!"

Jahn -

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