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Angle of Attack
Where Can I Fly an AoA-Equipped Aircraft?
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Here's a list of AoA-equipped Flight Schools. Why not rent one with a CFI and see for yourself?..

Beth Jenkins, Pilots Choice Aviation at KGTU - Georgetown TX has several Tomahawks equipped with AoA displays ... like this one:

Kenny Painter, instructs in an AoA-equipped Decathlon at W45 - Luray Caverns Airport in Virginia.

Evan Williams is head of the Sundance Flying Club, Palo Alto, CA. They are leading in teaching with Alpha displays.

The Beechcraft Employees’ Flying Club is the oldest continuously active flying club in the history of the United States. Beginning in 1941, the BEFC has enjoyed a rich history and tradition that has extended to the 21st century ... and they fly an AoA-equipped Bonanza. Well, of course! Do you live in Wichita? Ask Ken Rogers at Hawker Beechcraft Corporation if you can join their flying club.

Kansas City, near the FAA-SAD, a Legacy AoA is installed at one of:
Air Associates FBO at KOJC or

Liberty University School of Aeronautics "gets it" better that any school I know of. The highly experienced Academic Deans (both are deeply ingrained users of Alpha displays; they were USAF flight leaders) and their dozen or so coherently-standardized CFIs and CFIIs run the cleanest shop, has the best organized, best maintained fleet of trainers that I have ever seen.

Chris Gabiou at Twin Cities Aviation in Blaine, MN 55449 USA 763-780-4375 has installed Angle of Attack systems in several Flight School aircraft to give their students the added benefit of AoA. For students who are going into the airlines, AoA is a central part of their flying and it gives the Twin Cities Aviation students a leg up for transition into the airlines.

Embry-Riddle University in August 2013 installs AoA fleet- wide on 61 training aircraft!

NEVER FORGET that a AoA Display will NOT improve any aircraft's performance,
not even a little bit! But an AoA will provide sufficient additional information to give the pilot confidence to operate safely closer to the airplane’s limits…and the AoA will enable a pilot to extract all--or, at least: far more of--the airplane's available performance. An AoA can definitely make a good pilot better and enable him to fly more precisely.

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Incidentally, here's a summary of regulatory guidance clearly indicating that installation of an independent secondary advisory AoA like the "Legacy" is a "minor alteration" on the vast majority of light general aviation aircraft.

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